Nim Gat


iPhone & iPad, 2018

Intelifone offers a virtual phone number in the US, Canada & UK.
Perfect for travelers, small business owners, freelancers, nomads
or for anyone who wishes to keep their personal number private.


iPhone & iPad, 2017

Art installation for ITP Camp. The same app is installed on 5 different devices: 4 iPads and a single iPhone.
All devices communicate with each other over WiFi and coordinate different tasks. The application begins with playing a scenic video across all iPads at the same time, creating the illusion of a bigger screen.
The iPhone camera is used to detect faces, once a person is detected the video playback stops and the camera feed shows up on all 4 iPads. If the person then smiles, the flash lights up mimicking a camera capture event.


TV, 2016

This is a modern take on an all time classic game.
Collect as many dots as you can but make sure to avoid the walls, edges of the screen and the snake itself! Play with the Siri remote or a game controller.


iPhone, 2015

This was the main screen of the app, where you could see your daily health score. The score updated continuously and had 4 components: sleep, activity, stress & calm. The colors of the bubbles match the color of the score component.
The animation of the score was built using SpriteKit. By configuring set of physics rules, the animation could run endlessely and look different every time.

In a similar way, I created a screensaver for the Mac & AppleTV:


iPhone &  watch, 2015

Shows real-time subway arrival information in NYC.
Select a train station from the map, or check the lockscreen and the watch for the nearest one.